Social Media Advertising for Small Businesses

Instagram, Facebook and Twitter; the behemoths of the social media world and the most powerful tool in any internet marketer’s arsenal. There’s eight billion people on this earth and the majority of them have at least one -and often all- of these social media platforms. In short, what social media presents to us is a colossal audience of unprecedented scale; all of which, openly sharing their interests, their age and their location.

This wealth of information allows for pinpoint precision targeting meaning we, the marketers, can have our products broadcast around the world to the exact demographic we wish to engage with. If you’re marketing gaming products you can target those who like specific games that pertain to your genre, if you’re marketing clothing, you can pitch directly to those that fit in with your brand and if you’re advertising a career opportunity, you can skip the middleman and show your advertisement to no one but your ideal candidates.

This new-age method surpasses even the more conventional of advertising means such as television, billboard and newspapers or magazines as it yields so many added benefits and is much easier on the wallet.

Social media advertisement is mostly done on a CPC (cost-per-click) basis. This means that you won’t be charged unless someone clicks on your advert and it goes without saying that if they have done so, they are interested in what you have to offer. With such a refined means of payment, social media advertising has fast become the go-to option for many internet marketers.

Instagram is best monetized by building a solid profile and posting daily content aimed at your demographic. However, despite popular belief, this alone will result in a copious amount of work for a very minimal outreach in return. So, how is it done? How do we see this abundance of Instagram users with profiles adorned with masses of followers and with each post ornamented with a wealth of likes? Well, the answer to this one is surprising to most as not many are aware of the possibility. By simply purchasing Instagram followers, you can give your profile and infinite sense of credibility as more and more people are seen to be following you and/or liking your uploads. Instagram followers and views are unexpectedly inexpensive to purchase and go a long, long way in making your Instagram journey a prosperous one.

Once you have followers, the gates seemingly open up for natural, organic traffic. As your profile gains credibility (followers), you will find that more and more people follow suit. A well-followed profile is much more appealing to an Instagram user and they are much more likely to hit that follow button if they see you already have a lot of followers, it’s human mentality. Just as a profile with little-to-no followers will be, on the most part, ignored.